At The Hitching Post Co we understand you may not want a big wedding day.

Perhaps, not now. Perhaps not ever.

Your reasons why may be personal & varied.

Don’t like big crowds?  Does the thought of standing up in front of a bunch of people make your heart palpitate and your head hurt?

Would you rather spend your time & money on other stuff?

Perhaps being married is more important to you than a wedding day?

Or you just love the idea of a stylish, intimate & fun ceremony & you’ll surprise your nearest & dearest with the news at a later date.

We get you and we’re here to help you get hitched without the hassle.

Who does the Hitching?

I do! Hi, I’m Jo.

Jo (57 of 89) web size

I’ve been a registered Celebrant since 2010 & have joyfully married hundreds of people in that time. They have been people with a zest for life, a love of laughter, a thirst for adventure and a desire to transition to marriage authentically.
You may have seen my face around the halls of BIG LOVE CEREMONIES

So, why a separate place for elopements?

There is a growing number of couples who, for many reasons want to forego a big wedding day, keeping their focus firm on creating a marriage. (or surprising the heck out of their nearest & dearest)

A wedding ceremony, in any form is a ritual that sets you on a new path. My goal is to celebrate with you as you stay true to yourselves on that path and to encourage your vision for your life together.

The space we occupy in a marriage is significant, but this does not mean we have to celebrate a wedding day in any specific way.

If you want to get to the marriage place simply & joyfully with minimal fuss, please get in touch

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